Facial Services & Therapy with optional services that can be added to enhance your experience and results.

( Skincare Analysis done for customized service and therapy to meet your skin needs!)

 Glowing Classic Facials:


  -Classic Custom Signature Facial Herbal extracts to cleanse, detoxify, decongest, and remove dull congested skin cells.  Ultrasonic cleansing help remove impurities, and improve circulation. Added botanical mask and moisturizers leave your skin with a silky glow! Includes extractions & message (60min.$50) Customized to meet your skin needs! Add on "Glow" Treats available.

 -Restoring Recovery Glow Facial– Super packed with antioxidants, multivitamins designed to enhance microcirculation, regeneration of upper layers of skin using Sea Buckthorn Berry that will  naturally brightens tired dull complexions. Pumpkin or Pineapple Exfoliant helps to reveal healthy glowing skin. Increases moisture and oxygen intake. Prevent early signs of wrinkles. Peptides improve collagen and elastin production. ( 60 min. $55)  Add on "Glow" Treats available.


-Herbal Sensitive Glow Facial-Gentle soothing & cooling  facial for sensitive, reactive & rosacea skin conditions Customized to meet the needs of your skin.Non abrasive herbal exfoliation with soothing toner, mask & moisturizers with Azulene and other calming botanicals help nourish and calm skin

Includes extractions & message ( 60min.$50) Add on "Glow" Treats available.



-Mint Glow Acne Treating Facial-Stimulating & effective deep cleansing facial that delivers antibacterial & anti-inflammatory results to alleviate breakouts, unclog pores and regulate oil glands. Helps to get skin under control.  Customized to meet your skin needs.Includes extractions & message 

(60min.$50) Add on "Glow"Treats available.

 -Glowing Express Rejuvenation Facial-Facial-Double  custom cleansing followed by delightful and effective Pineapple Enzyme Exfoliation that refines, retextures and nourish skin. Nourishing glow mask brightens and smooths skin. Reveals a new healthy luminous glow. ( 30min. $40) No massage with this service. No Extractions. (Additional time request for add on "Glow Treat" $15 plus price of the add on services if time is available)

-Men's Deep Pore Treatment- Deep cleansing treatment that removes impurities from skin due to  environment, tightens pores, brightens and tones skin. Skin appears healthier, younger looking, less stressed. For more mature skin, helps to restore skin with early signs of aging. ( 60min. $48)Includes extractions & message Add on "Glow" Treats  available.

Premium Therapy Service

The following are premium services priced to include custom facials services.  Therapy can be performed as stand-alone services with price adjustments noted.



 -Cellular Skin Glow Diamond Tip MicroDermabrasion Removes dead skin cells effectively with Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion (no crystals) addresses concerns of hyperpigmentation, large pores, rough skin textures, dull flaky skin, fine lines and wrinkles. This therapy is followed with botanical blends of moisture and Hyalauronic Acid,  with restoring mask, to revitalize, and refresh skin & minimize fine lines & even skin texture! Chemical Exfoliant add on available customized to your skin for deeper removal of dull skin cells to reveal  a more glowing complextion. ! You will be amazed at what your skin will feel like! (75min. $90) This is a premium therapy w/facial service. ($105 w/ Chemical Exfoliation add on)

((45 min.$70 w/o facial)



-Non-Surgical Microcurrent Lift & Firm-Produces muscle contraction to give firmer appearance to face and neck. Increases collagen generation and thickness , lessens fine lines and wrinkles,  “Re-trains” muscles to lesson dynamic expression lines and gravitational folds. Firming Mask included (90min.$140) *series 6-10 treatment for best result recommended. 

This is a premium therapy w/facial service.

(55min. $90 w/o  facial)


-Chemical Resurface & Exfoliate Mild Peel Glow-Mild acids help to penetrate deep into skin to soften and fine lines and wrinkles. Custom chemical exfoliant addresses concerns with acne & melasma, Deep exfoliation using that strip away dead skin cells, using mild acids to reveal glowing skin. Custom selection of acidic solution depending on client skin type and condition. ( Lactic, Glycolic, Salicylic, Phytic Lightening, Mandelic, and Blended acides address many skin concerns from hyperpigmentation to dry dull skin and fine lines and wrinkles. Service includes hydrating mask infused with hyalauronic serum.(75min. $70) This is a premium therapy w/facial service. 

(40min.$45 w/o facial)


- HydraDermabrasion Therapy- New less invasive dermabrasion therapy for your skin. Excellent for removing dry dead skin cells, brightening skin and hyperpigmentation, acneic skin, removes, dirt, blackheads & whiteheads. Helps mature aging skin, softens fine lines and wrinkles. Increases blood flow and cellular turnover, all using the benefits of Vortex revoluton of water that floods the skin with active ingredients that clean and brighten. Skin is oxygenated, plump, healthy looking, and NO downtime! Skin is infused with Hyalauronic Acid which hydrates the skin to perfection! You will love how your skin looks, feels, and reacts to this therapy. (60min.$85) This is a premium therapy w/facial service. 

(30min.$60 w/o facial)

- LED Wavelight Therapy- Non-invasive soothing light therapy that usese varying beneficial " light emitting diodes", in different colors to help heal acne and breakout, increase cellular turnover, help lighten age spot, and hyperpigmentation, promotes decrease of lines and wrinkles by increasing collagen. Leaves skin clearer and healthy with sciene originally developed by NASA. Some contraindicated conditions may apply.  (10 min. $0 complimentary with most facials. (30-45 min. with facial service $60- w/o facial Service $45)

* All facial( where stated) 60 minutes or more include a 5 minute  face, neck, chest and shoulder massage.

  All services are customizable to each customer skin type and condition.Prices subject to change without notice.

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